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About Us

“Our living spaces can lift and inspire us, symbolizing our individuality and values through the objects we surround ourselves with. They can impact our wellness, creativity and contribute to a deeper connection to our surroundings by feeling familiar yet renewed."

Martina Voss 

Living Space with Flexform Sectional Reupholstered in Charcoal Donghia Boucle with Custom Pillows

Our Story : Staying true to our values

In this digital  age, where fast furniture is often purchased from a photo, we appreciate that hand made

upholstery “still requires the human, the personal, the inimitable” - Christian  Dior.

Our boutique reupholstery services cater to the design savvy client, wishing to update or restyle their favorite pieces. Through a process of collaboration and questions, we get to the heart of what are clients are excited to achieve - whether it's nostalgia, individuality, longevity or just a new fresh look.
 After 30 years, we still maintain our passion for remarkable textiles and the satisfaction that comes from recreating a little "wow factor" that remains part of the story for generations.

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