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When we decided to re-brand as a boutique upholstery studio, we did so with the understanding that we are much more than just an upholstery workroom. We are designers, as well as technicians, with our own ideas about how furniture should look and feel. The fact that we take a project and run with it, making it a treasured family item, while providing exceptional service along the way is not common in our industry, but it is business as usual for us.

With handcraft and artisan work gaining momentum in the marketplace, we have noticed savvy clientele finding exciting ways to blend their individuality and environmental consciousness with their love of design.

Our highly personalized way of working allows us to offer services in finely tailored upholstery, getting right to the essence of what our clients are after. For us, it is so much more than just fabric and foam, it is creating a story; heirlooms to be passed on from generation to generation, a favorite piece, restored, far beyond its original beauty and usefulness.


It is the possibility of a piece that inspires our innovation and pushes us to keep growing, each and every time. It is sharing in sheer delight as our clients view a new piece for the first time, thrilled with what we have achieved together.

Of course, it isn’t all lofty words and artistic expression. It is hours of dedication and hard work, right here at Studio 265, in the infamous 1000 Parker Street Building, home of the Eastside Culture Crawl.


At Upholstery Couture, we have been designing and hand-stitching upholstered furniture for more than 25 years, changing the way you feel about your furniture and how it impacts your daily life in unexpected ways. 

Martina Voss, Owner Upholstery Couture
Ivan the Dogue, Emotional Support & Time Keeper
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