Upholstery Couture: At UC, we know the objects we choose to surround ourselves with matter. Our living spaces lift and inspire us, they symbolize our individuality and aspirations. Through the couture process, we collaborate with our clients to create treasured pieces, bringing lasting joy to their everyday lives.

We love that every piece of furniture has a story and the best collaborations happen between people who share their stories and connect over  a common set of values. We invite you to visit us on Instagram where you will see a diverse mix of eclectic projects and styles created from inspiration, daring and 'get it done know how' that resulted of those experiences.

We believe the best way to learn a new skill is to be expertly taught, in person, by a seasoned professional, passionate about their craft. Our upholstery classes are filled with memorable experiences, creative growth, fearless exploration and hours of precious 'me' time.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we will be revisiting our class schedule in the fall of 2020. We want to make sure our classes and students are safe before we announce dates for our next round of classes.

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Modern Contemporary Sofa

Modern contemporary sofa with uniquely designed oblong seat cushions and sleek, angled shape.