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We believe every piece of furniture has a story..


As one of the only boutique upholstery studios left in Vancouver, we maintain a passion for remarkable textiles and a breadth of knowledge for upholstery and soft furnishings. Our fabric and upholstery design choices magnify our clients individual tastes and we are always pursuing contemporary trends, styling and technique.


What sets us apart?

Our couture philosophy; made-to-measure, tailored upholstery and careful attention to what matters most in the lives of our clients. Bringing your vision to life is a mixture of history, inspiration and good ole fashioned know how.


We start with a system for success -
We use a roadmap that brings us to the essence of your request - it is about what you want to achieve. More than just colour and fabric, upholstery design combines elements that elevate your surroundings and brings joy to your life.

Shop Talk

We get to the heart of what works for you quickly and efficiently, so we can understand the project scope.

Made to Measure

Regular photo updates will keep you informed through every stage of the process.

Perfect Fit

We are 'Comfort Service Experts' and believe a piece should feel as good as it looks. 

Is my piece worth the investment?

Please tell us your story. See our Contact page for how to work with us.


  • A clear bright photo of all the pieces

  • Include history/age, brand, sentiment

  • Tell us what you like most about it

  • Tell what you would like to change or upgrade

  • Let us know if anything is broken

  • High traffic use or Sundays only?

  • Tell us when you need it back

  • Anything else you would like us to know?


Make an appointment for a consult to:


  • Understand your design requirements
  • Understand the project scope, timeline and budget

  • Receive an accurate estimate based on similar projects we have completed



The work begins with an assessment - each piece is stripped to the bare frame


  • Frame - joinery and stabilty

  • Suspension - reset, retie, upgrades

  • New foam and padding includes sit tests for individual requirements


 The couture upholstery work includes ...

  • Upholstery design and consultation

  • Fabric sourcing and yardage calculation

  • High end techniques and handwork

  • Show-wood refinishing

  • Unique detailing


When the work is complete and we've created your new heirloom  -


  • We'll send you the final balance, completion photos and arrange for delivery

  • Will send along instructions on how to keep your new pieces looking their best

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