Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to upholster a … ?

Upholstery Couture is a modern upholstery design boutique specializing in one of a kind, hand stitched, custom couture work. Our discerning and design savvy clients seek us out to collaborate with us to create personalized pieces not found anywhere else.

Your price will be as unique as your piece. Your quote will be a summation of design, fabric, labour and supply charges.

What type of furniture do you work on?

We accept well-made antiques, midcentury and contemporary pieces. We focus solely on fine furniture for private clients and the design trade. We reupholster and restyle, create custom pieces from scratch and offer a limited run of “Couture to GO” Pieces.

Can I see a portfolio of your work?

Our work can be viewed here in our gallery and extensively on Instagram @upholstery_couture

I love your work, where do we begin?

Whether we meet in person (preferred) or whether we begin the process online, we need the following information to form an accurate idea of the job at hand:

Photos of your project:

  • A clear view of Front, Back and Sides

Measurements of your project

  • Overall Length, Width and Height is helpful, as well as the sizes of any loose cushions

The vision you have for your project:

  • How would you like to update it?

  • Do you have a certain style or mood in mind? Classic, modern, bold, whimsical, we have created them all.

  • Is there a photo of a carpet, artwork or special room that might help us understand your hopes for the piece?

Every item of furniture has a story:

  • Do you know the history and past ownership of the pieces?

  • Does it have sentimental value for you?

  • Let us help tell your story!

An idea of your level of investment?

  • This tells us what your expectations are and it helps us provide you with an accurate quote.

  • Consider ...

    • Is this a valuable piece you are willing to completely restore with stunning results?

    • Do you plan to enjoy this piece for years to come?

    • Are you hoping for a creative, well-executed solution to upgrade a standard piece to a much higher level of value and style?

How long does it take?

Custom takes longer because unique variations and highly personalized details are key to every project. Design decisions, fabric selection, ordering and customization take time and we need to get it right for you.

Don’t worry: we have been at this for over 25 years; we will give you an accurate timeline and we pride ourselves in being on time and on budget.

Our clients are updated throughout the process with photos and project status reports, so everyone is up to speed with the very latest info.

When does the work on my project begin?

Your project starts once we receive your deposit and put you on the schedule.

Please note, we can only accept a limited number of commissions each year and our schedule fills up quickly!

When I can I start to look at upholstery fabrics samples?

Trade fabric sourcing is a time consuming, and often daunting, part of the design process. We are experienced at quickly finding the right fabric for your project, providing you with memo samples that you can take home to look at in your home. Smaller projects will have limited sourcing time.

Do you accept COM’s (Customers Own Material)?

All COMs must be upholstery yardage and approved by UC before they are accepted. Fabrics purchased without expert knowledge may not be right for the application and can often be roll ends, seconds, or closeouts that must be checked for flaws and markings. Finer fabrics may need to be underlined. Extra charges for preparing fabric for upholstery and pattern match. COM’s may be higher for fabric requiring expert handling.

What types of payment to do accept and when do I pay?

We require a 50% deposit once your quote is accepted. The balance is due when project is complete.

We accept e-Transfer, PayPal (credit cards) and of course, cash. Personal cheques must clear before items are released for delivery. Note: You don't need a PayPal account to pay using PayPal, it is just like using a credit card.

Do you deliver?

Our time is best spent working on furniture and upholstery, which is why we outsource pick-ups and deliveries to reliable and highly competent deliver companies that are very good at what they do. Will be happy to add a quote for pick up and delivery within 24 hours of your request.

Can I pickup/deliver myself?

  • Pickup/Delivery must be pre-arranged.
  • Parker Street Studios are open between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday (the freight elevator is only available during these times).
  • You must give us 24 hour notice.
  • Two people are needed for larger furniture (sofas, settees, etc.)
  • Smaller items may be handled by one person.